GW fun

All data and code to reproduce and make the videos and images below (and adjust numbers/videos) can be found at: , which corresponds to the Github Directory Both the Github & Zenodo also contain folders with the original videos that you can download. 

Still image of the potential landscape of gravitational-wave detections from double compact object mergers (i.e.: binary black holes, binary neutron stars and/or black hole-neutron stars). O4 is about to start (May 2023), and is poised to ~triple the number of existing detections. 

Number of detected mergers expected from binary black holes (BH-BH; black), black hole-neutron stars (BHNS; teal), and binary neutron stars (NS-NS; orange) systems for different data analysis pipelines and assumptions in the literature. The exact number of detections depends on the data analysis pipeline and is sensitive to the chosen threshold of assigning gravitational-wave events to be of (likely) astrophysical origin.




Linear y-scale. To show how future detectors will find so many gravitational-wave sources that it will completely dwarf the ~100 detections found to date. 



Number of detected gravitional-wave events as reported by different catalogs

Linear axes with uncertainty 

Number of detections and a special notice with the days until O4!