Sasha Levina, Johns Hopkins University 

Sasha is a graduate student at JHU working on the impact from the star formation history on the rate and properties of BBH mergers


Caua Rodrigues,  Brazil 

Caua is a high school student working on a project to understand the contribution from NS-BH mergers to the r-process enrichment of our Universe.


Ana Lam, CUNY MSc Student

Ana is investigating the properties of binary neutron star mergers across redshift. 
You can find more info on her website: 





Adam Boesky January 2022 – now

Adam Boesky

Adam is a rising sophomore at Harvard working with me and co-supervised by Edo Berger as a PRISE  student fellow. Adam is working on the impact from correlated uncertain parameters on the rates and properties of double compact objects as a function of redshift. Adam is presenting his work with a poster at the GMT conference on black hole physics in Arizona in September and is preparing a manuscript for publication.  



Floor Broekgaarden (left) and Adam Boesky (right) next to the sign of the Center for Astrophysics

Simone Abeti, April 2022 – now

Simone Abeti

Simone is working on his BSc. thesis in Milano-Bicocca. He is working on the spins of binary black holes with me and Davide Gerosa as advisors. Simone will start his MSc. degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics in September 2022 in Milano-Bicocca, Italy and is presenting his work with a poster at the GMT conference on black hole physics in Arizona in September.



Kaylie Hausknecht,  April 2021 – now:

Kaylie started part time in April 2021 and has been working full time over the summer ’21 as a PRISE summer student to explore merging BH-NS and NS-NS binaries and their electromagnetic counterparts and possible contributions to r-process enrichment in our Universe. Kaylie is a Harvard student and will be continue working on this project the coming year.  

A screenshot of Kaylie Hausknecht presenting some of the creative news headers from when the first NS-BH detections were announced. 


Tom Wagg,  2019-2020:

Together with Selma de Mink I supervised Tom Wagg on his project on BH-NS (and BH-BH and NS-NS) and their detectability in LISA.  Tom is now starting his PhD at the University of Washington (UW). 


Floris Kummer, 2019-2020

Lokesh Khandelwal, 2019-2020

Other mentoring:

I immensely value (peer-) mentoring programs and early-career support networks. I have contributed as a mentor to several mentoring programs and (helped) established several mentoring networks over the past years.

I have served as a mentor in several mentor programs including:


Photo of Me and Miranda Harkess

Miranda Harkess (right) and me at the Center For Astrophysics – Aug ’21












Mentoring with applying to PhD programs

I have written numerous resources for applying for Ph.D. positions in Astronomy, and every year I support ~10 students with their applications by discussing the application timeline, providing feedback on written essays, and giving advice regarding offers and rejections.