See for outreach talks, the tab “outreach”. 

Download my PhD Thesis Colloquium slides at: 

Invited Scientific Talks 

  1. UC Berkeley Seminar, Nov 2022
  2. Caltech Seminar, CA, USA, Nov 2022  
  3. MIAPbP workshop on Impact of Binaries on Stellar Evolution, Munich Institute for Astro-, Particle and BioPhysics, Garching, Germany,  Nov 2022 
  4.  Riding the waves into the future: the unconventional thinking tank, Multi Messenger Workshop, Otranto, Italy, Sep 2022
  5. CfA Summer Students Colloquium Series, MA, USA, July 2022
  6. Seminar Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) for gravitational wave astronomy, Potsdam, Germany, May 2022
  7. Spring Workshop on Physics of Data,  Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, Venice, Italy, Apr 2022  
  8. L’aquila, GSSI,  Colloquium, Apr 2022
  9. Milano-Bicocca Colloquium, Apr 2022
  10. CITA Colloquium (virtual), Apr 2022 
  11. MIT Brown Bag Talk, MA, USA, Nov 2021
  12. Max Planck Institute Bonn, invited seminar, Oct, 2021
  13. ASTRON/JIVE Seminar, The Netherlands, Oct 2021
  14. Nijmegen Gravitational Wave Seminars, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Sep 2021
  15. Anton Pannekoek Insitute lunch Seminar, Sep 2021 
  16. PAX VII, invited review talk & panelist, Aug, 2021
  17. OzGrav seminar, Australian Gravitational Wave Organization, Mar 2021
  18. Statistical Methods for the Detection and Inference of Relativistic Objects, 2020 
  19. Science Seminar at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, 2020
  20. Seminar at University de Conception, invited talk 2020
  21. Lorentz Center workshop on Gravitational wave sources, Discussion leader &  talk 2019 
  22. Monash Seminar, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 2019
  23. Astrophysics & Space Research Group Seminars, Birmingham, UK, 2018
  24. HPC3 Europa Edinburgh Seminar Series, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2018

IDEA & supporting early-career astronomers talks/panels:

  1. DEI talk U Michigan slides MichiganDEItalk 
  2. Invited speaker “Communicating your Science in Astronomy” , The Italian National  Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) PhD School, Oct 2023
  3. Invited panellist on “Applying for PhD programs”, Astronomy Club Harvard, Oct 2022 
  4. “How to support Astronomers experiencing Harassment”, Lars Hernquist Group Meeting, Sep 2022
  5. “Mentoring and Mentor-Mentee relationships in Astronomy”, COMPAS group meeting, Sep 2022
  6. Early Career Scientists Workshop, L`Aquila, Italy,  May 2022
  7. Early Career Scientists Workshop, AEI, Potsdam, Germany,  May 2022
  8. Early Career Astronomers Dinner, Saas-Fee School, Switzerland, Apr 2022
  9. Contributed Talk at ESO Conference: The Present and Future of Astronomy,  Feb 2022
  10. Speech on “supporting students with harassment”, Harvard Graduate Student Union Protest, 2021
  11. Invited DEI Panelist, Equity & Inclusion Journal Club meeting, ADRF, CfA, 2021
  12. Panellist Latino Initiative Program (LIP), “Life as a graduate student”, CfA, 2021
  13. The roads to inclusive meetings in Astronomy, CfA Equity & Inclusion Journal Club (EIJC), 2020




Contributed and/or Group Meeting Talks [since 2019]

In addition to the list below, I have also presented over 30 times combined in group meetings of my collaborations such as the COMPAS collaboration group meetings (Australia, Melbourne; 2019-now), Berger group meetings (Harvard University, USA; 2019-now) and CCA group meetings (New York, USA; 2020-now). 

  1. CfA Seminar Series, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, Sep 2022
  2. Institute for Theory & Computation (ITC), lunch talk, Harvard University, Sep 2022
  3. GMTO Black Hole Science Workshop, elevator pitch, Sedona, AZ, USA,  Aug 2022
  4. CfA coffee talks, Mar 2022
  5. ASPEN Gravitational Wave Workshop, January 2022; link to slides 
  6. GWPAW Gravitational Wave Conference Hannover,  Dec, 2021
  7. SuperVirtual Supernovae Conference, contributed talk, Nov 2021
  8. Bonn Group Meeting Norbert Langer, Oct 2021
  9. CCA Stars meeting, Sep 2021
  10. Samaya Nissanke Group Meeting, Netherlands, Sep 2021 
  11. High redshift Galaxy Meeting, Harvard, MA, USA, Sep 2021
  12. Lars Hernquist Group Meeting, Harvard MA, USA, Aug 2021
  13. WERRD transient astronomy conference (virtual), May 2021
  14. Harvard Machine Learning Journal Club Talk, 2021
  15. SeBa Meeting presentation (virtual), May 2021
  16. Silvia Toonen’s group meeting, May 2021
  17. Jan Eldridge group meeting,  2020
  18. Amaldi14 Conference on Gravitational Waves, Mar 2021
  19. The NSF Insitute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions  (IAIFI) conference day talk, Nov 2020
  20. Jan Eldridge group meeting, Oct, 2020
  21. Harvard Astronomy Research Forum, Oct, 2020
  22. Gravitational wave session EAS 2020 conference, 2020
  23. Harvard Machine Learning Journal Club Talk, 2020 
  24. Astro-statistics Seminar Series Harvard University, MA, USA, 2020
  25. BinCosmos Group Meeting 2019


  1. GMTO workshop on Black Hole Astrophysics, Sedona, AZ, USA, Aug 2022
  2. WE Heraeus-Seminar workshop on Gravitational Waves,  Bonn, Germany, Apr 2022
  3. STROOPWAFEL poster for Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy, 2021, , 2021
  4. STROOPWAFEL poster for European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting (EAS20), 2020
  5. Netherlands Astronomy Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2018
  6. Kavli International Summer School, Copenhagen, Denmark 2017