Resources (ECA EAS’21)

This page is a collection of resources that can be helpful for early-career astronomers (& their supporters). This page was originally created for the session on “Early Career Astronomers & their supporters” that I organized on June 28 2021 with Serena Vinciguerra, Anjali Piette, Valeriya Korol, Anniek Gloudemans, Neige Frankel, Jakob van den Eijnden, Annelotte Derkink, Floor Broekgaarden, David Weir, Silvia Toonen, Dorottya Szécsi, Samaya Nissanke, and Ewine van Dishoeck. Feel free to add your resource/link/photo to this document through adding a comment in or email: floor.broekgaarden[@] Feel free to share this website or any of the resources listed below with your network. 



Links of other websites/groups that collect Astronomy resources


Academic writing/reading: 


Making a personal website 


Mental Health resources


Applying to PhDs resources:

Applying to Summer schools/internships resources

Postdoc Application resources (note that all advice might be biased, or work for some but not everyone)

see also for an unroll of the original twitter thread

First some general overviews on the application process:

Some Astrobetter blogs that I found helpful:

HOW DO YOU FIND JOBS TO APPLY TO? (From Harvard student wiki:)

  • AAS job register(!!!)
  • astrophysics job rumor mill from last year and ALSO two and three years ago — some jobs are only offered every 2-3 years
  • websites of depts you’re really interested in
  • talk to people (profs, current postdocs) at places you’re interested in
  • talk to people here who have been postdocs there in the past
  • your advisor
  • ask the grad students who graduated 1-2 years ahead of you
  •  some fields maintain their own lists, for example, Gravitational Waves has: created by the LIGO collaboration


Interview questions:

### country specific resources ###




For Spain, there are the Juan de la Cierva-formacion for early career post-doc (you need to have already your PhD degree at the moment of the application) and Juan de la Cierva-Incorporacion (senior post-doc). For institutes in Catalunya, there is the Beatriu de Pinos

 EU fellowships: see[…]y=asc;onlyTenders=false;topicListKey=topicSearchTablePageStatedeadline 12 Oct 2021.

50 additional fellowships will be funded through HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-TALENTS-02-01. I think fellowship applications will automatically be submitted to this WIDENING call if they fail ‘to reach an adequate place in the ranking to be funded’ and if the host institute is in a WIDENING country: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and all Associated Countries with equivalent characteristics in terms of R&I performance and the Outermost Regions. As a novelty, the Outermost Region inclusion means the IAC in Tenerife, Spain, will now be included in this


PhD comics

Faculty Application resources

Mentoring networks that early-career researchers can join: 


Mentoring resources


Giving talks / public speaking

Tips for making Posters

Career advice 

Finding/attending conferences